Sedan teammates earn Spirit of Sport


March 5, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Paul Buck has been completely blind since about age four, when cancer caused him to have his eyes removed. Buck plays high school football.
Zachiary Ford also plays high school football and is a teammate of Buck’s at Sedan High School. Ford “adopted” Buck on the football field.
Ford, a sophomore, and Buck, a freshman, played side-by-side on the offensive line for the Sedan junior varsity this past fall. Their relationship has been recognized by the Kansas State High School Activities Association with the 2010 KSHSAA Spirit of Sport Award.
The award recognizes the values inherent in participation in high school sports beyond winning and losing. Nominees were sought from all KSHSAA high schools. The KSHSAA Student Advisory Team assisted in the selection.
Buck was the center and Ford played guard on the Sedan JV squad last fall. Ford would line Buck up and tell him which way to push the player and then after the play he would run to find Buck, leading him back to the Blue Devil huddle.
“Zach was Paul’s eyes each and every day and helped him see the game through his eyes. They exemplify the true spirit of the sport,” said Gary Musselman, KSHSAA Executive Director.
“This is a double nomination because Paul doesn’t compete without Zach and Zach is a better competitor with Paul. They are both remarkable young men, on and off the field,” said Sedan High activities director Carolyn Williams.
Indeed. Well done Paul and Zach.
Character wins out against wins and losses any time.
According to KSHSAA, Kansas was the first state high school association in the nation to develop a state Spirit of Sport Award for the express purpose of recognizing outstanding acts of character and leadership, demonstrating the true spirit of sport in educational athletics.
The Sedan High teammates are nominated for the 2010 National Federation of High Schools Spirit of Sport Award, announced in June.

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