Sayonara, paranoia: Chiefs’ win over Colts sets fans free to be in moment vs. Patriots



January 16, 2019 - 9:46 AM

This, too, shall pass. It always helps to remember that. Just the same, it takes a lot to disperse lingering ghosts, doesn’t it? Especially when the paranoia was almost tangible among Chiefs fans, who have endured a bizarre array of tortured terminations for even their most seemingly promising teams.

At some point, the cynicism became reflexive, almost hard-wired in by a generation of experiences telling you that to believe is virtually the same as asking to get kicked in the teeth. Keep them gritted and watch at your own risk.

Flinching flashbacks remained almost a form of muscle memory you may have experienced as recently as Saturday. Even when for all logical reasons you knew that the dynamics in this equation are different because of the incomprehensible capabilities of Patrick Mahomes.

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