Ravens’ Jackson approaching an unpredictable season

After an MVP season, Ravens' quarterback Lamar Jackson still knows more is left to prove without a Lombardi Trophy.



July 31, 2020 - 3:56 PM

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson leaves the field after a 28-12 loss to the Tennessee Titans in the playoffs last season. Photo by Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun/TNS

BALTIMORE — The most high-profile offseason of Lamar Jackson’s young NFL career was defined, in one sense, by what he did not or could not do.

There was the footage of the Ravens quarterback eluding would-be defenders on a South Florida beach last month, only to end up tumbling over an idling Jet Ski. He emerged dripping but unscathed. “I did not run into a Jet Ski,” he said Wednesday, chuckling. “I jumped over the Jet Ski, fell in the water.”

There was the $500 million-plus contract signed this month by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and NFL champion Patrick Mahomes, who’d preceded Jackson as the league’s Most Valuable Player. “I’ve just got to win me a Super Bowl,” said Jackson, who’s not eligible for an extension until 2021. “I don’t really focus on what he has going on, because I still got to prove myself.”

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