Players face the odds of not getting vaccinated

A large number of players have gotten vaccinated against COVID-19, but others remain reluctant to do so. The odds are stacked against them, a columnist says.



August 12, 2021 - 8:29 AM

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins discusses COVID-19 protocols at a news conference earlier this month. Photo by TNS

This isn’t a betting column, though there does appear to be an opportunity to make a few bucks in the NFL market. That would be in Minnesota, where quarterback Kirk Cousins seems intent on sabotaging any chance the Vikings can match the win total of nine games set by oddsmakers going into the season.

That Cousins is not vaccinated and has no plans to get vaccinated should be troubling enough for Viking fans. Already sidelined for a few crucial practice days, he’s one positive test away from potentially ruining a season that, by all accounts, looked playoff worthy.

The same is true in Baltimore, where quarterback Lamar Jackson — who missed a game last year after testing positive for COVID-19 — missed the opening of training camp after testing positive yet again. Amazingly enough, Jackson said he is still on the fence about getting vaccinated.

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