Local runner beats cancer, surgery, bacteria to keep running



June 4, 2015 - 12:00 AM

Cinda Jones keeps running.
And running. And running.
She even has outrun those Energizer bunnies.
Those started back in 1989; Jones, 65, has been running for 31 years.
“I started walking and the Rutledge twins got me started running,” she said.
Don and Ron Rutledge own Iola Glass.
“They got me running and when I got running good enough, they quit and started golfing,” Jones joked.
Since the Charley Melvin Mad Bomber Run For Your Life 5k started up, Jones has been in it every year; well, almost
“I ran in every one but one,” Jones said. “I had to walk it one year because I had knee surgery.”
Jones is going to be at this year’s 5k. She said the new 10k is too long for taste. The Mad Bomber run will be on July 19, starting at 12:26 a.m. More information on registering for the run can be found at Thrive Allen County or www.madbomberrun.com.
“I’m going to stick with the 5k, I’ve got knee problems,” Jones said. “I’ve ran a half marathon. I did that in my 30s. I’ve gotten older and slower.”
Instead of running around a path perfected over the years, Jones has her own, individual route mapped out by means of a lawnmower.
“If I’m in town, I’ll run on the trail or downtown,” Jones said. “I live by Mildred. My husband’s mowed me a mile path on our 20 acres. Me and my dog will run around it, do laps.”
Jones has had two knee surgeries, battled cancer and even recovered from flesh-eating bacteria that could have taken off one of her legs.
“I almost lost my leg to a flesh-eating disease,” Jones said. “[The doctors] don’t know how it happened. I was scheduled for amputation, but they filled me up with drugs and it stopped progressing. They decided to wait and I’m glad they did. I still have my leg.”
Jones retired from Gates Corporation in November. She enjoys to run because she likes it and it reduces stress. She got right back to it as soon as she could after cancer, her knee surgeries and after almost having only one leg.
“I resumed as soon as a I could. It’s just something that I enjoy.”
Jones just keeps going and going and going.

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