Letters to the editor 5/5/12


May 5, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Dear Editor,

I read with interest, the article about the apology to Bill Farmer from the City of Iola.  I, as a citizen of Iola would like to state that I don’t think Mr. Farmer deserved an apology.  I listened to his 911 call, and he was rude and uncooperative.  The article stated that Mr. Farmer became flustered during the call.  I don’t know why.  I was quite impressed with the 911 operator’s calm and clear handling of Mr. Farmer’s rude language and behavior.  As far as Mr. Farmer not realizing an ambulance was on the way, he didn’t need to know all the details. Our 911 dispatchers are trained to handle emergencies. That is why we call 911.

As far as the police officer is concerned, when Mr. Farmer approached the law enforcement officer to complain, the officer needed to discern what was most essential to address the emergency.  Mr. Farmer was interfering with the officer’s ability to deal with the injured man.  If he had stayed out of the way he would not have been arrested.  If he felt a complaint needed to be stated it should have been after the emergency, not during it.

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