Letters to the Editor – 10/18/17


October 18, 2017 - 12:00 AM

Dear editor,
It was a beautiful day for Farm City Days. A very nice turnout.
We went early to find a good place along the curb to set our lawn chairs and get a good view of the parade. Everyone stood for the National Anthem and as the flag passed by.
The parade started right on time. And then a group of people came and stood in front of us!!! Very rude. And we were not the only ones. An older couple sitting across the street in lawn chairs were leaning one way and then the other trying to see the parade through the people standing in front of them.
This was not a problem at all for the Biblesta parade in Humboldt the Saturday before.
Bonnie Johnson,
Iola, Kan.


Dear editor,
Thanks to a lot of people doing a lot of work, Farm City Days was a success. There was one thing that disturbed me. There were plenty of trash cans and dumpsters around but people still just threw cups, bottles and wrappers on the ground. Those same people would have a fit if someone threw trash in their front yards.
Stop and think. The courthouse lawn is the front yard of Iola and we all own a part of it. Do you really want it to look like the city dump?
Take a few steps and put your trash in a can or dumpster. The walk will be good for you and it will be a good example for kids.
Being a litterbug is against the law. There were a lot of people that should have been locked up last Saturday.
Maude Burns,
Iola, Kan.

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