Help us help those in need (column)



February 2, 2018 - 12:00 AM

Poverty is real. It is a way of life that is real for a large portion of our county and for 5.3 million Americans. Poverty is depressing, isolating, hard, tiring, stressful, and just plain terrible. It is a real-life nightmare of not having enough food for your family, or if you will have shelter, heat, water, or the medicine you need to live.

It is having to make the choice between paying your rent or paying your utilities; living without heat or living without a home; having food twice a day or having food every day of the month. It’s a lot of walking and a lot of working at low-paying jobs. It’s working two jobs and leaving your children on their own or being home with the kids and not being able to keep your home.

It is being unemployed or underemployed or not employable or employed at jobs that only pay minimum wage. Poverty can sometimes mean substance abuse, but it usually doesn’t. It can mean any number of things have happened that have spiraled a person into poverty. Or maybe they were born unlucky.

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