[FORUM] August donations will be matched


August 17, 2010 - 12:00 AM

The Allen County Animal Rescue Facility is open at last.
And now, the hardest part of the journey begins.
Running the shelter takes money, lots of it. ACARF’s goal is to keep adoptable animals until someone adopts them, and finding their forever home can take awhile. This means spending money on the animals, much more money than the drop-off fee or adoption fee generates.
Where does the money go? ACARF has a very dedicated director who makes less than she could make just about anywhere else — and she works far more hours. To prevent the spread of disease, dog and cat cages are constantly cleaned and sanitized. ACARF cannot rely on the ever-changing volunteers to be there morning and night, seven days a week, remembering to follow all the rules without any supervision, so those are paid positions, again filled by dedicated people who earn less than they are worth. (Don’t worry; there are still plenty of jobs for volunteers. The list is endless. Just ask the dedicated volunteers!) There are veterinarian and medication bills to pay. The animals come in needing vaccinations, worming, and flea medication. Sometimes, they have other medical needs. All animals will be neutered or spayed before adoption. That is, of course, the only way to solve the surplus pet population. (Occasionally an animal comes in already “fixed.” Please understand why the adoption fee is the same. ACARF is still losing money on just about every animal.) Cats and dogs have to eat, and although individuals and businesses have donated some food, it is not a sure thing. Board members dip into their own pockets when necessary. And then, there are those utility bills.
Euthanasia has been the answer to the stray animal population for too many years. ACARF gives our community a much better solution, and that is cause for celebration. To those cities that have already signed the contract, thank you for supporting ACARF. You are giving those homeless animals a chance to become someone’s treasured pet. To those who have already adopted from ACARF, thank you! Please spread the word about what a good feeling you got from giving an animal its forever home.
Getting ACARF from dream to reality has taken the extreme dedication of a select group of people. Everyone who has worked so hard to get this shelter open sincerely loves animals, and that is why ACARF exists. Now is the perfect time to step up and show how much we appreciate all their hard work by taking one load off their minds — that constant fear that the money will not be there when needed. Will you help the animals by making a donation? An avid supporter has pledged a dollar-for-dollar match for all donations made in August, up to $4,000. How great is that? Donate now and double your money!
The shelter’s address is ACARF, 305 East 54 HWY, La Harpe, KS 66751. You can also become an adult member of ACARF for $25; junior memberships for 14 and under are just $5. Every cent goes to support the shelter. I would also like to challenge clubs and organizations to get involved in fundraising for ACARF.
It will take support from all of us for ACARF to thrive as a safe haven for lost and abandoned animals. Please get involved in this valuable asset to our community by sending your donation today.

Ona Chapman,
La Harpe, Kan.

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