Trump administration strips funding for the chronically ill



July 8, 2018 - 11:00 PM

A top executive for Blue Cross Blue Shield warned Americans to expect their health insurance premiums to significantly increase in 2019 due to a decision Saturday by the Trump administration to cease supplementing health insurers for covering less healthy members.

The decision takes a big step down the path of reverting to when health insurers could refuse to provide coverage to those with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or with pre-existing conditions such as cancer.

According to Justine Handelman, a vice president for BCBS, the company will be left with no choice but to significantly narrow its coverage. The government’s aid to BCBS and other insurers through risk adjustment payments helped them cover the bigger pool of clients created by the Affordable Care Act when it ruled in 2010 that insurers could no longer discriminate against those who typically require more health care than others.

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