The eternal hope of farmers

Through times of turmoil, Kansas farmers have adapted because of their solid sense of purpose. While others' lives are changing rapidly, farmers' lives have remained largely the same.



April 28, 2020 - 10:52 AM

When I left my corporate job and moved to rural Kansas, I was making decisions for the good of my future family. Sometimes those decision are at odds with my self-desires. We don’t have a fancy house, high-speed internet or many of the creature comforts one finds in bigger cities.

Through the recent weeks of turmoil, my sense of irony keeps touting the rewards of this country life. I never feel cooped up because I can walk for a mile in any direction and not be in danger of encountering neighbors. Eating fewer meals out of the house has inspired me to put a dent in my “war chest” (freezer) of home-raised beef. My years of dealing with less than ideal internet has given me a sense of Zen when increased traffic causes frustrating hang-ups for everyone else working from home too.

Honesty, the thing I am most grateful for in this time of crisis is the sense of solid, constant purpose our farm-centered life. I have friends who are climbing the walls because they feel lost and purposeless with their worlds on hold. Others are completely overwhelmed shouldering new burdens and doing their best to make it through this storm. In perspective of all that is happening in the world, farmers’ lives remain largely the same.

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