Syria: Red lines turn into green lights



April 10, 2018 - 11:00 PM

The time for idle threats and pinprick retaliation is over in dealing with the murderous Syrian dictator, Bashar Assad. President Donald Trump can no longer hope for results with empty rhetoric and murky policies when a madman uses chemical weapons.

As a candidate, Trump justifiably criticized President Barack Obama for declaring the use of chemical weapons as crossing a “red line,” only to take no military action when Assad launched a chemical weapons attack in 2013. Obama’s red line translated into a green light for Assad to escalate his crimes against humanity, with a big assist from Russia.

On Saturday, Assad launched the latest in a series of chemical weapons attacks against his own people. Trump responded by tweet, using capital letters and exclamation points as if to communicate his resolve to Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin that this aggression will not stand. On Monday, Trump said he would decide within two days how to respond.

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