Revitalization inspires involvement

Humboldt’s downtown revival is the envy of Southeast Kansas. Key to its success are vision and a can-do attitude.



June 18, 2021 - 12:32 PM

Alana and Paul Cloutier, and Alana’s mother, Diana Holmes, in downtown Humboldt. The trio are on Bridge Street, a hub of renovations. On a hot and cloudless Friday morning, the Cloutiers remarked how nice it will be when the trees lining the sidewalk will one day provide shade. Over the past five years the city has redone the sidewalks surrounding the square, including adding trees. B&W Trailer Hitches and Monarch Cement contributed generously to the project. Earlier this month, Holmes and her husband, Joe Jackson, moved to Humboldt from northern California. REGISTER/SUSAN LYNN

As the second-largest town in Allen County, Humboldt is working hard to prove to its big sister that smaller is better.

Admittedly, this is the perspective of an Iolan who is envious of Humboldt’s revitalized downtown.

At any rate, it’s a challenge Iola should gladly take on. 

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