Letter to the editor — November 12, 2010

If local citizens are feeling cynical about the state of leadership in the country today, they can be proud of their fellow Allen County citizens who participated in the second annual Kansas Community Leadership Initiative (KCLI) Summit this week.
More than 220 Kansans came together in Wichita to discuss and discover what type of leadership it takes to create stronger, healthier, more prosperous communities. Your community was well represented.
KCLI is a partnership between programs like Allen County Together and The Kansas Leadership Center. Allen County Together is an example for other community leadership programs in the state. Most community leadership programs are a meet and greet, networking experience. Allen County Together is different. It challenges participants to explore how to exercise leadership to create a stronger Allen County.
Thirteen individuals from Allen County Together attend-ed.
Participants explored what it means to be purposeful in their civic engagement, rather than just busy. They learned competencies for effective civic discourse and leadership. They learned a lot about themselves.
As an outsider, I wanted to share my appreciation for the dedication, ideas and commitment shown by Allen County Together members at the KCLI Summit. They inspired me and I hope they do you as well.

Most sincerely,
Ed O’Malley
Kansas Leadership Center
Wichita, Kan.

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