Letter to the editor — July 25, 2016

Dear Susan Lynn:

I read your recent editorial regarding Allen County Attorney Republican candidate Linus Thuston. My initial thought was why you didn’t feel it remiss to not make your thoughts known to the voting public in 2008 when Mr. Thuston was on the ballot for Allen County Attorney? Could it be that you, and other members of the bourgeoisie, are finally realizing the Allen County voters are fed up with the status quo, and are ready to have their voices for change heard?

“Can’t stay on the right side of the law?” “Bribery?” To use your language: “For Real?” As you obviously did a poor job of fact checking before inking your editorial attacking Mr. Thuston’s credibility some two weeks prior to the primary election, I would suggest (a little late now I realize) you conduct an online search of, or call, the Kansas Attorney Disciplinary Administrator’s Office, which will confirm that Mr. Thuston was not disciplined by said office as a result of the events you inaccurately describe. Nor was he ever charged with any crime.

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July 29, 2016
July 28, 2016
July 26, 2016