Letter to the editor — April 30, 2018

In the winter of 2010 seven Allen County citizens “answered the call” from the then-seated Allen County Commissioners to serve as trustees for a hospital, yet to be designed, at a location, yet to be determined, and with a name yet to be developed. Once those tasks were accomplished they were to sever the relationship with Hospital Corporation of America and hire employees to manage and operate the hospital under the supervision and governance of the trustees. It was my privilege to serve with six very competent and seasoned individuals who brought the combination of skills and work ethic to accomplish the tasks entrusted to them by the Commissioners.

I, personally, accepted the “call” somewhat reluctantly. My life was full, I was serving in other capacities, and I didn’t feel the need for additional challenges. I was concerned, though, about reports I had heard of other public projects that had gone over budget and were not completed in a timely manner. When I did accept the challenge to serve as a trustee my goal was to do all I could to make sure the project came in on or under budget and on time. We, as a team of trustees would have accomplished both goals had the hospital’s communications provider been able to get the necessary cable laid to the new facility when they had committed to do so.

Once we became an operational hospital it soon became apparent to me that providing the services of a hospital is a very competitive business. There are hospitals located in the counties north, east and south of Allen County that actively compete for the same customers we hope to serve.

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