Letter to the editor — October 4, 2018

Dear editor,
Upon its inception 47 years ago, the founders of this non-profit organization developed a culture focused on promoting greater understanding and a sharing of knowledge between the agricultural and farming community and the urban and industrial community.  The vision at that time, and continuing today, centers on bringing people together from Allen County in an environment that fosters harmony among the interrelationships of those very diverse backgrounds.  Farm City Days is a time to gather in fellowship and celebration to remind us that we are all part of a caring and thoughtful community we call home.
The Farm-City Days Committee strives to create a parade and event atmosphere that is welcoming and inviting to all.  This includes setting reasonable standards for what is and is not appropriate for parade floats. In the matter of Mr. Erbert, we proudly welcomed his patriotic jeep, however, we merely requested that the replica gun be removed during the parade.
Our request should not be interpreted as being against our Second Amendment rights, nor any other Constitutional right. We are simply making an effort to remain neutral on any and all potential controversies and statements while staying true to our founders’ vision of providing a harmonious experience to Farm City Days attendees.
Since 1971, the Farm City Days Celebration has been maintained through the servant leadership of local volunteers and the gracious giving of our sponsors. All administrative functions, event planning, and an uncounted number of membership hours have been dedicated to the community event on a volunteer basis. It is this synergy and support from our sponsors and community partners that have enabled the longevity of this great tradition.  
We desire for our weekend together in October to be about family, friends, education, creating exciting new memories and camaraderie. It is with our most sincere appreciation and hope that all of our actions, decisions, events and activities be seen as an effort to promote community, togetherness and appreciation for Allen Countians, and beyond.   
Farm-City Days
Steering Committee

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