Letter to the editor — November 2, 2015

Dear editor,
This coming Saturday our community will be taking time to honor all those who have served in our United States armed forces. This commemoration has been organized by the Allen County Veterans Committee. Over recent years several challenges have presented themselves to the committee, including the loss and aging of dedicated committee members, scheduling conflicts with high school bands, and a general lack of interest and support due to the busy lives we all seem to lead.
The Veterans Day parade, the most visible portion of the commemoration, has gotten smaller and smaller. Critical comments have been made after the parade stating its poorness.
Rather than find fault, please help us make the parade better.  Every one of us knows a veteran — a family member, fellow employee, next door neighbor, someone with whom you attend church — honor them by finding some way to be a part of this year’s parade. 
Drive your car and play patriotic music. Put a sign in the back of your truck that says “Thank You.” Have your family walk as a group honoring your special family veterans. Decorate bicycles with red, white and blue.  Carry a patriotic balloon bouquet or a veteran’s picture. Come together as families, neighbors, employees, churches, teams, clubs, coffee drinkers, whoever, and please join us in honoring our veterans. Help us to remember those who came back home to us and those who gave their all.
My Dad, a World War II veteran, put flags on the graves of veterans for over 35 years.  When asked why he still did it even as an 80-year-old his answer was very simple and will forever live in my mind, “Why wouldn’t you honor these guys?”
Ask yourself that question this week and then join us.  The parade begins at noon with line-up on South Washington beginning at 11:30 a.m.
Becky Nilges,
Iola, Kan.

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