Letter to the editor — October 11, 2016

Dear editor,
The Farm-City Days parade was nice. Lots of people turned out.
But there is another one coming up in November. The Allen County Veterans’ parade.
Now there won’t be a car show. No vendor or food booths. No carnival. It will be a simple observance. Honoring our veterans and active duty without whom we would not have the freedom and privileges we have today.
Make time on Nov. 5 to listen to the speaker. Watch the parade. When the American flag, no matter how large or small, passes by you, show your respect.
The Veterans committee is small but they do a lot to keep the memory of our veterans ever present in our minds and hearts.
Please come to the Iola square one more time this year to show you honor our veterans and active duty.
Spring Lytle Sutterby,
proud daughter
of a U.S. Marine,
Iola, Kan.

Dear editor,
Aaron Franklin’s article mentioning 45 years brought back 20 years to me….after the 25th year of a Farm City Days celebration. At that time it appeared there would be no more Farm City Days. Leadership was worn out….no new leaders were raising their hands.
That bugged me for a weekend but I brought the topic up to our Kiwanis Club. Kiwanis Club would lead the Farm City Days organization. With some discussion and thought it was decided to proceed….we would do it.
I was in my 60s then and able to do the physical work. That lasted until I made it to my upper 70s when I finally trudged out of the park for my last time; but I was happy. I could see that each year after, Farm City Days would go on getting bigger and better.
Ray Shannon,
Iola, Kan.

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