Letter to the letter – August 30, 2021

Dear editor,

Every year, across the nation, we take preliminary action to protect our children in public schools by having children from pre-K through high school practice active shooter drills so they’re ready for the extremely slim chance that someone will come to their school with a gun. 

Right now, there is an actual threat to our children, and we aren’t doing anything about it. It’s not a chance or a possibility that COVID-19 will come into our schools. It’s a fact. And yet, we’re doing nothing to protect our children from this very real danger. Across the nation, pediatric ICUs are filling up with COVID-19 patients. Cases among children are skyrocketing. Thousands upon thousands of children have been exposed to this virus — currently as contagious as polio and smallpox — which can have long-term health effects or even be fatal. And yet, we do nothing.

August 11, 2022
July 19, 2022
July 11, 2022
June 3, 2022