Dropped charge is more bad news for Greitens



May 16, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Eric Greitens

It’s good news for all of Missouri — with the exception of Gov. Eric Greitens — that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner dropped the felony invasion of privacy charge against him Monday.

After the defense called Gardner as a witness, she couldn’t continue, and issued a furious statement decrying the governor’s “scorched-earth legal and media strategy” and attacks on “the intentions, character and integrity of every person involved in investigating the Governor’s behavior.” No doubt about that.

But the prosecutor never located the semi-naked photo of his former hairdresser that Greitens stood accused of taking and threatening to use against her. Without it, Gardner would have had a hard time proving his guilt on that particular charge. Then, the governor’s defenders would have argued that he’d been exonerated of all wrongdoing, and thus should keep his job.

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