DCF shortcomings warrant scrutiny of budget request



May 1, 2018 - 11:00 PM

One of the best comments attributable to the gubernatorial campaign of Kris Kobach came last week at the start of the Legislature’s wrapup session.

Kobach’s running mate, Wink Hartman — himself an early candidate to become the Republican nominee for governor — took into account recurring problems with the Kansas Department for Children and Families. Hartman then noted a recent request by DCF for almost $24 million, as well as the ability to add 200 additional unlicensed workers to help with investigative work conducted for the potential placement of children in foster care.

“As a business owner,” Hartman said, “I would never put up with the mismanagement we’ve seen at DCF. If an employee consistently fails to do their job, hides from accountability and then asks for a raise so they can continue to do more of the same, most private-sector businesses would probably fire them on the spot.”

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