We all determine Iola’s reputation

Like people, communities develop reputations, which are the sum of their actions and what others think about them. Are we easy to work with or difficult? Do we chase away opportunities or embrace them? Right or wrong, this is how reputations function.



February 11, 2022 - 3:39 PM

A developer wants to convert the former Arkhaven Nursing Home complex on North Walnut Street into apartments. Register file photo

 We’ll be talking about Monday’s decision for years.

Not because it’s Valentine’s Day, a moment long ago when a Catholic priest named Saint Valentine was executed for ignoring the edicts of a tyrannical Roman emperor because he selflessly married soldiers who had found love. It’s a great story of love and romance that poets like to tell.

But it’s not love and romance we’ll be remembering. It’s Iola’s future.

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