Laying the ground for success

Jonathan Goering, economic development director for Thrive Allen County, was instrumental in pulling the pieces together for Allen County to win a $2.9 million grant to expand infrastructure at the Allen County Regional Airport.



April 15, 2022 - 2:00 PM

This is what potential looks like. Currently, Allen County’s airport is a popular hub for refueling due to its extra long runway and cheaper fuel. Armed with recent grants, county officials are now looking to develop the airport’s infrastructure in order to attract new industries. The site has more than 200 acres available for development.

Ever since Jonathan Goering moved to Iola in June 2020, he’d heard a recurring theme: the Allen County Regional Airport has untapped potential.  

“Over and over people would tell me the airport is a wonderful asset and that we need to think about how to better utilize it,” he said Thursday afternoon. 

“So, I knew it had to be a focus right off the bat.” 

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