Here’s what ‘mild Covid’ was like for me

My 'breakthrough' case shows that even being vaccinated, COVID-19 is no joke. But at least I made it through, unlike almost 624,000 other Americans who have died from the virus.



August 19, 2021 - 9:44 AM

Nurse Lauren Walters, center, talks with Dr. Charles Burch, left, before performing intubation on a patient in the Methodist Hospital Covid Unit. Today, almost all those suffering severe health outcomes from COVID-19 are unvaccinated. TNS photo

When I woke up with pressure in my sinuses and a sore throat the morning of July 27, I was convinced it was a sinus infection. After all, my husband and I were vaccinated back in April with both doses of Pfizer.

I didn’t have a fever, I didn’t have a cough, and I could still smell and taste everything.

I was tired and dragging — but hey, the common cold still exists, right? So I did what I would normally do: Stayed home, had my husband bring me the ingredients for chicken soup, overdid the Vitamin C and water, and tried desperately to take a long, quick walk outdoors in an attempt to burn out the illness.

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