Coffee magnate Schultz a jittery prospect for Democrats


January 30, 2019 - 11:09 AM

You likely don’t know much about Howard Schultz’s politics, but you know his accomplishment. He built Starbucks into a ubiquitous brand. Can a billionaire barista also build a national political organization and make a serious run for president as an independent candidate?

Good question. America hasn’t seen a wealthy outsider candidate from the business world become president since, um, well, two years ago. President Donald Trump’s election was a triumph of showmanship over governance expertise. Depending on who’s doing the talking, Trump’s term in office is either proud proof that anyone can grow up to be president, or dire evidence that only seasoned political figures should get the job.

We’ve been critical of Trump’s leadership skills. That doesn’t mean we presume the next president will be — or should be — a Republican governor, Democratic senator or other breed of traditional politician.

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