Attempt at intimidation backfires

"This 'threat' doesn’t appear to be as serious as it could have been, but it did achieve its goal. I was scared. For a minute. Then, I became angry. Now, I want to educate."



August 28, 2020 - 2:04 PM

As a newspaper reporter in these divided times, I do the best I can to write factual information without letting my personal opinions influence news articles. It’s a fine line and it’s not easy. I rarely share political posts on Facebook because I don’t want people to dismiss my news articles simply because they know where I stand on a personal level. 

Recently I wrote a news story about high school kids who painted white supremacist symbols on a parking lot. It was a difficult story to write. And while I often enjoy the social media discussion that follows such articles, the comments this time were frustrating, disgusting and out of control. I quit reading them. 

But I did happen to read this particular comment, just 2 minutes after it was posted by an anonymous account created only for the purpose of threats and intimidation. Against me, apparently. Because I told the story. This person (aka “worst nightmare”) encouraged others to take names and addresses, and get ready… with a link to my personal Facebook profile. 

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