April brings new classes, location



March 23, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Humanity House

This week the first and second phases of the Humanity House building project will be finishing up. Our office, food pantry, and laundry facilities should all be up and running at 110 East St., by the first week in April.

The kitchen will be taking longer, as we are required by city code to have a hood vent and fire suppression system for our residential stove. Though we fall under humanitarian guidelines for the State of Kansas, we are required by our city officials to have this system. Because we charge no money for food and make no money, we are not a commercial enterprise; however, we also do not live there, and so we are not residential and do not cook only for ourselves. Feeding those who are hungry and teaching children and adults how to cook healthy food comes with a $12,000 price tag for Humanity House.

Like every other thing in life, challenges are put before us. We either rise to the challenge, change course, or give up. Anyone that knows me, knows the path that I take first. After exhausting all possibilities, I will take the second course. I have never taken the third option. Ever.

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