Afghan war continues without a clear goal

After 18 years, the American people deserve to know why the war in Afghanistan continues.



February 12, 2020 - 10:08 AM

Army soldiers at Fort Drum, N.Y., train with the existing version of the Sentinel radar, the AN/MPQ-64A3 system. This spring 250 soldiers from Fort Drum will deploy to Afghanistan. Photo by Zuma Press/TNS

The U.S. military marked its 18th year in Afghanistan last year and, in the process, set a depressing new record by dropping 7,423 bombs in the country, the highest number since U.S Air Forces Central Command began tracking the figures in 2006.

This number comes on the heels of the December publication of internal government documents by the Washington Post. These documents, which came from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, confirmed what millions of Americans already knew: The war in Afghanistan, costing more than $1 trillion in taxpayer dollars as well as the lives of thousands of U.S. soldiers, is a war without a mission. The upper echelons of the federal government don’t know what purpose a U.S. military presence in Afghanistan serves.

So why, then, does the U.S. government continue to drop nearly 7,500 bombs on Afghanistan, killing hundreds of civilians each year? Who are the targets supposed to be? What purpose does the destruction serve? What is the objective?

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