Biden, Xi prepare for meeting

President Biden and China's Xi Jinping will hold their first presidential meeting today. Both leaders have met frequently through the years.


World News

November 15, 2021 - 10:04 AM

Chinese President Xi Jinping, right, shakes hands with then-U.S Vice President Joe Biden inside the Great Hall of the People on Dec. 4, 2013, in Beijing. Photo by (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images/TNS)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping have slurped noodles together in Beijing. They’ve shared deep thoughts about the meaning of America during an exchange on the Tibetan plateau. They’ve gushed to U.S. business leaders about developing a sincere respect for each other.

The American president has held up his relationship with Xi as evidence of his heartfelt belief that good foreign policy starts with building strong personal relationships. 

But as the two leaders prepare to hold their first presidential meeting on Monday, the troubled U.S.-China relationship is demonstrating that the power of one of Biden’s greatest professed strengths as a politician — the ability to connect — has its limits.

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