Woman doesn’t let age be a barrier to good health



March 30, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Body builder Ernestine Shepherd, 81, flexes for the crowd last Saturday during a community health fair in Aurora, Ill. David Sharos/The Beacon-News/TNS

AURORA, Ill. — Ernestine Shepherd, 81, came to Aurora recently to say that exercise should be a key part of everyone’s day, including senior citizens.

Shepherd hasn’t let age stop her from being a bodybuilder, she said to a crowd of at least 100 at the African-American Health Coalition’s 13th annual Community Health Fair at Aurora Christian School.

Shepherd said she did not embrace serious training until about a decade ago but that she had begun working out in her mid-50s after she and her sister were invited to a church picnic “and didn’t like the way we looked in our bathing suits.”

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