USD 257 will add to its staff



October 12, 2010 - 12:00 AM

USD 257 will add a director of operations to its administrative staff, to be responsible for planning, organizing and supervising the transportation and maintenance departments.
“Our maintenance department is currently operating with a short staff,” Dr. Craig Neuenswander, superintendent of schools, told board members Monday night. “Three people can not keep up with the needs of all of our buildings, equipment and grounds, particularly given the age of the facilities. Lack of time for planning and organization has become a difficult problem to overcome without additional staff.”
Neuenswander said the transportation department was running well, but that Beverly Flack, its director, intended to retire at the end of the school year.
“By adding a director of operations now the new person will be able to learn the transportation department before taking over the position,” he said, noting that was an important consideration given the preponderance of regulations and policies that applied to school transportation.
No salary was mentioned.
Meeting as Bowlus Fine Arts Center trustees, board members accepted a proposal from Susan Raines, Bowlus executive director, to add a marketing and assistant projects director and permit her to employee a part-time bookkeeper.
Raines said someone to assist with marketing and projects would lead to expansion of summer education programs for children and adults.
“We’ve expanded a lot since I came here but we could do more,” Raines said, noting that she typically worked more than 50 hours a week. “It would be difficult to expand more without additional help.”
Tammy Porter, Yates Center, was director of finance and marketing at the Bowlus before resigning earlier this year.
Also wearing their Bowlus trustee hats, board members approved the appointment of Iolan Ginny Hawk to the Bowlus Commission to fill a seat held nearly three years by Robyn Fawson, who has moved to Branson, Mo.
They accepted Raines’ proposal to use Paypal as a payment vehicle for online ticket sales. She said the charge per transaction would be just 39 cents, “much cheaper than using our credit card.”
Later in their meeting board members said they would be eager to visit with a member each of the Friends of the Bowlus and the Bowlus Commission to get a better idea of what the organizations’ roles were in furthering efforts of the Bowlus Center to serve the community. Neuenswander said he would make arrangements.

GARY ELLIOTT of Benchmark Roof Consultants, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was hired to design and develop specifications for a new roof on the second floor portion of Jefferson Elementary School.
Elliott, who has worked previously for the district, also will seek bids and make a recommendation to the board. His fee will be $7,800.
Board members also approved a proposal from Elliott to inspect roofs of all district buildings and develop a long-range plan for replacement and repairs. Cost will be $8,400.
Board members scheduled meetings at each building, which will include tours of facilities ahead of business sessions. The first will be at McKinley Elementary School Oct. 25. Others will be Crossroads Alternative School in Gas, Nov. 8; Iola Middle School, Nov. 22; Iola High School, Dec. 13 or 15; Jefferson Elementary School, Jan. 10; Lincoln Elementary School, Jan. 24; Bowlus Fine Arts Center, Feb. 14.
Tours, open to the public, will start at 6 p.m. with business meetings to follow half an hour later.

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