USD 257 families will pay a little more for lunches

Lunch prices increase 5 cents. Breakfast prices remain the same, despite increased costs from food service provider.



June 9, 2020 - 9:56 AM

USD 257 Food Service Coordinator Judy Baker explains a 5-cent lunch price increase. Photo by Vickie Moss

Fallout from the coronavirus pandemic will continue to hit pocketbooks for parents in USD 257, as school leaders approved a nickel increase in lunch prices. No increase was made for breakfast.

“I’m afraid to raise it 10 cents,” said Judy Baker, food service director. “Families are struggling right now, and even a nickel is going to be a lot to ask. We’re just in between a rock and hard place.”

The additional charge will offset about half the cost of an increase by the district’s food service provider, OPAA. Baker, who serves as the liaison between the district and OPAA, said the company increases its meal prices each year, but the district tries to avoid passing those onto families by relying on reimbursement programs from the state or from free and reduced meal programs. The lunch program more than pays for itself, but breakfast is usually short about 15 cents per meal.

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