March 25, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Dozens turned out to celebrate the opening of Velo+ in Iola in April 2017. Owner Marco DeAngelis is shown second from left behind the ribbon. Today the bike shop is on the south side of the Iola square. REGISTER FILE PHOTO

Velo+, a bike shop that will celebrate its one-year anniversary in April, likely would not have opened in Iola without Thrive Allen County, owner Marco DeAngelis said.

“Thrive has been a crucial part of what made that bike shop happen,” DeAngelis said.

DeAngelis worked at the Lenexa-based Velo+ bike shop when Iola residents approached then-owner Vincent Rodriguez about opening a location in Iola. DeAngelis (who later bought out Rodriguez) became a partner in the business at about the same time and was intrigued by the opportunity.

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