Teachers torn on board visits


Local News

February 12, 2019 - 10:10 AM

HUMBOLDT — Last month, USD 258 board of education president Kevin Heisler suggested that the relationship between school board members and the district’s teachers might be strengthened if board members set aside at least one day per year to visit the district’s buildings while classes were in session. On Monday, the board voted unanimously to adopt Heisler’s proposal. 

In the interim, however, 10 teachers were asked to weigh in on the idea. The reactions, said Superintendent of Schools Kay Lewis, were split. A handful of the warier teachers believed that the approach could work as long as board members weren’t intending to use the visit as an opportunity to evaluate teacher performance. “Because that’s not your job,” said Lewis, “that’s an administrator’s job.” 

But the board didn’t need any convincing on that point: their intention is merely to observe and to visit with only those teachers who want to participate. Plus, board members will announce the date of their visit well in advance. 

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