Noted Kansas transgender activist dies at 61


State News

March 7, 2019 - 9:56 AM

Stephanie Mott traveled the country speaking publicly about her experiences as a transgender Christian woman. She died on Monday at the age of 61. Stephen Koranda / Kansas News Service

A Kansas activist known for her work on transgender issues has died. Stephanie Mott, 61, was a mental health clinician, LGBTQ advocate and prolific public speaker who traveled the country to share her experiences as a transgender Christian woman. 

Mott served as the vice chair of Equality Kansas, chaired the LGBTQ caucus of the Kansas Democrats and founded the Kansas Statewide Transgender Equality Project.

Friend and colleague Tom Witt, executive director of Equality Kansas, said Mott played an important role in fighting against policies that could have negatively affected transgender people’s lives.

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