Kansas tax fight could change your return


State News

January 28, 2019 - 10:16 AM

Republicans and Democrats are braced for a fight over whether state government in Kansas should cash in on the ramifications of the 2017 federal tax cut. The sides are staking out their positions and could come to loggerheads sooner rather than later.

Republican legislative leaders want to push the tempo and pass legislation in time for the upcoming filing season to return what they call a “windfall” to Kansas taxpayers. Democrats want to hold off and say lawmakers need to wait and see if there even is a windfall.

When Congress, at the behest of President Donald Trump, overhauled the federal tax code in late 2017, that meant a minority of Kansans who itemized on their state tax returns could no longer do so. Some Kansans will end up paying more to the state without the option to itemize.

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