Almost all vaping flavors would be banned under Kansas proposal

Flavor restrictions wouldn't apply to menthol, traditional tobacco products like cigarettes.


State News

February 14, 2020 - 4:13 PM

Flavored e-liquids for sale at Eric Cope's shop in Topeka. Photo by CELIA LLOPIS-JEPSEN / KANSAS NEWS SERVICE

TOPEKA, Kansas — A proposal to ban all fruity and sweet vaping flavors in Kansas has upset both pro-vaping and anti-tobacco groups.

Hundreds of popular flavors would disappear. Menthol would remain. The flavor restrictions wouldn’t apply to traditional tobacco products, such as cigarettes.

Vape shop owners say the proposed ban on flavored e-liquids would push more people to smoke. Health advocacy groups, meanwhile, want the ban to include menthol and extend beyond vaping.

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