State may offer more help for utilities

Countless large customers — from manufacturers to school districts — buy their natural gas from third-party wholesalers. Now, those customers might get relief from the state. Last week, the Kansas Legislature passed a bill that would create a loan fund much like that for municipal utilities. This one would be for customers of wholesale natural gas companies.



April 15, 2021 - 8:12 AM

Topeka State Capital

TOPEKA — Chris Klimek had already started hearing about the exorbitant natural gas bills other businesses got after this winter’s historic cold snap before he found out what his company would owe. 

At first, he thought he had been spared. The bill he received at the beginning of March looked normal: $6,763.73. 

Last week, though, he got the next bill — this one covering a historic cold snap that caused natural gas prices to skyrocket. 

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