Chicago teens teach Bill Gates about opening up


National News

February 19, 2019 - 9:57 AM

Last year, Bill Gates sat down with a group of teenage boys in Chicago and learned a little about processing anger.

He was at Al Raby High School in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, where he participated in a session in the Becoming a Man program. Launched in Chicago in 2001, the program helps young men explore their emotions and work on their decision-making skills. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has worked on teacher training and improving curriculum, but that kind of work — the kind that helps kids with their self-image and how to handle their stresses — is new to the foundation.

Bill and Melinda Gates released their annual newsletter Tuesday, discussing discoveries that have surprised them. Whether it’s understanding the power of DNA testing kits, the sexist nature of data, or how much young men can teach a billionaire about his feelings, surprises have the ability to spur action, Melinda Gates told the Tribune.

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