The triangulation of Nikkeltown

An old schoolhouse and cemetery in Woodson County mark Nikkeltown, a Mennonite settlement. This week's Just Prairie installment looks at triangulation.


Local News

May 11, 2020 - 9:30 AM

At the intersection of Grouse Road and 190th Road, Woodson County, one encounters the “triangle” at Nikkeltown, which includes a rural schoolhouse, pioneer cemetery and cattle pasture. Photo by Trevor Hoag / Iola Register

As the simplest shape in geometry, triangles are everywhere, the most fundamental of connective structures beyond the line.

In that sense, triangles are also indispensable to thinking, the form through which abstract concepts begin to emerge.

Cattle in a pasture. A pioneer graveyard. A crumbling rural schoolhouse. No three things could be simpler, right?

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