The secret of Cooper’s Cave

Cave serves as a source for local legends in Woodson County


Local News

January 28, 2020 - 11:37 AM

Woodson County native Nick Barney, maneuvers his way between rock formations at Cooper’s Cave northwest of Yates Center. Photo by Trevor Hoag

A heart of stone. Cold, unopened and unbending. Weary. Battered by the elements but unbroken.

About seven miles northwest of Yates Center, hidden in a pasture, is the natural geological formation known as Cooper’s Cave. Made of native limestone, and carved by water and time, its series of boulders huddle together like enormous ancient beings that have solidified and become one with the prairie over the course of millennia.

The cave gets its name from a fellow by the name of William Cooper, who ranched this land along Owl Creek back in the 1870s. What many titles the indigenous people who lived here over the course of centuries had given it before, one can only imagine.

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