Return to ‘Paradise’ for Keaton fest

A promotional film for John Deere that silent film legend Buster Keaton made in 1952 will be a part of this weekend's Keaton celebration. This year's celebration is the community's first to honor Keaton since 2017.


Local News

September 21, 2021 - 10:07 AM

Buster Keaton in "Paradise For Buster"

The return of the Buster Keaton Celebration to Iola also means the return of a special treat for the Iola community — a rediscovered short film that came back to the screen in Iola in 1995.

“Paradise for Buster” is a promotional film Keaton made for John Deere in 1952, at a time when manufacturers sponsored “industrial films” as a promotional tool. 

It was brought to Frank Scheide, now chairman of the Keaton festival committee, in Arkansas by a former student whose grandfather was one of the producers. 

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