Life after a second chance



April 18, 2012 - 12:00 AM

One year after a double organ transplant, Delia Sanchez is finally beginning to get back to normal. A year ago today, the 30-year-old got a new lease on life when she received a kidney and liver from a 19-year-old female who perished in a car accident.

The ailments that kept Sanchez on her death bed for nearly two years began decades ago, after contracting a bacterial infection during a stay in Germany, where Sanchez’s stepfather was stationed at a U.S. Army base.

Since suffering from the bacterial infection, Sanchez experienced symptoms similar to acid reflux, caused by elevated liver enzymes. Though uncomfortable, she never worried too much about the condition. Occasionally, doctors would give her medication and tweak her diet to bring the enzyme levels down. 

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