Lander’s Wagon & Carriage Shop, 403 Bridge St., Humboldt



April 8, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Patrick Haire of Humboldt admired the 1876 Lander’s Wagon & Carriage Shop so much, he bought it twice.

Haire first purchased the historic two-story limestone building in 1995 to use as a woodworking shop. He sold it in 2005 when he moved to Colorado to teach historic preservation at a community college. After he returned to Humboldt several years ago, local residents urged him to buy it back.

The back wall of the original building was months away from collapse, Haire noticed. He feared what might happen to the structure — and to Humboldt’s history — if he didn’t find a way to buy it. He again took ownership in early 2016.

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