Humboldt celebrates with Class of 2018



May 13, 2018 - 11:00 PM

HUMBOLDT — Dedicated, passionate Humboldt residents worked together in recent years to grow Humboldt into a national success story, City Administrator Cole Herder told Humboldt High School’s Class of 2018 during Saturday’s graduation ceremony.

Some day, he said, he hopes this year’s graduates will return to their hometown, to bring their talents and passions “back home” to join the city’s triumph.

“Dream Humboldt would like to present each of you with a mailbox with your very first piece of mail, an invitation to consider Humboldt as your hometown and your future,” Herder said. “We hope that you go out and experience the world. Get an education, start a career, maybe start a family. And some day, when the time is right and you’re making decisions about your future, I hope that you consider that Humboldt might be one of those places to be.”

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