France’s Macron to address nation


December 10, 2018 - 10:12 AM

The Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) demonstrated jointly with the Worldwide March for Climate in Toulouse, France on Saturday. Many fires were lit all along the route, before the dispersal of the demonstrators in the early evening. Patrick Batard/Abaca Press/TNS

PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron is at last preparing to speak to the nation today, after increasingly violent and radicalized protests against his leadership and a long silence that aggravated the anger. Many protesters only want one thing: for him to declare “I quit.”

That’s an unlikely prospect. Instead Macron is expected to announce a series of measures to reduce taxes and boost purchasing power for the masses who feel his presidency has favored the rich. He’s being forced to act after four weeks of “yellow vest” protests that started in struggling provinces and spread to rioting in the capital that has scared tourists and foreign investors and shaken France to the core.

Macron met this morning with local and national politicians, unions and business leaders to hear their concerns. In the evening, he will give a national televised address, his first public words in more than a week.

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