Flory: Building trust essential for bond vote


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March 1, 2019 - 3:33 PM

Savannah Flory

Savannah Flory of LaHarpe was in fourth grade when the Gas Elementary School, where she attended, closed. Her parents had a decision to make: Should she go to school in Iola or Moran? The distance was about the same in either direction, but Iola was part of the same district as the former Gas and LaHarpe schools. 

Flory’s parents sent her to Marmaton Valley schools in Moran because it was a smaller district and would be a better fit for her shy personality. Attending school in Moran meant she and other LaHarpe students gathered near the landfill every morning to meet the bus. A state law at the time wouldn’t allow an out-of-district bus stop, so the landfill was as close as they could get. The bus stop now is located within the LaHarpe city limits. 

Flory missed her school at Gas, and she has fond memories of attending LaHarpe Elementary School from kindergarten to third grade. She remembers meeting her friends every morning to ride their bikes to school. When the Gas school closed, about a third of her classmates chose to attend school at Moran instead of Iola. 

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