County road use a concern


Local News

November 7, 2018 - 11:35 AM

Bob Garrett, who lives north of LaHarpe adjacent to 2600 Street, maintained the county road has become a liability from heavy truck traffic associated with construction of EDP Renewables’ wind farm.

Garrett’s comments came after commissioners Tuesday morning approved making 2600 open to both empty and loaded concrete transports. Originally, the road was restricted to empty trucks.

Before work began on the wind farm, which will include about 60 towers held in place by base structures containing about 600 cubic yards of concrete, EDP agreed to specific roads its contractor would use during construction. That has not changed, other than making 2600 Street a haul road for trucks containing about 10 cubic yards of concrete, rather than just those returning from pours. A cubic yard of concrete weighs 4,000 pounds; a typical mix truck carries 10 cubic yards, or 40,000 pounds, putting the unit weight loaded at about 60,000 pounds — 30 tons.

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