Burglars receive probation



June 7, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Probation was ordered for the final two perpetrators who admitted to burglarizing Ray’s Metal Depot, using a cutting torch to eventually open a safe and steal thousands of dollars in cash.
Stevie Joe Hull, 41, and his son, Joseph D. Hull, 17, were ordered to probation on Monday by District Judge Daniel Creitz. Like the third suspect, James LaRoche, 20, Fort Scott, the Hulls were given probation instead of a prison sentence, which had been prescribed through Kansas sentencing guidelines.
There’s a reason for that, Creitz explained.
With the defendants in jail for up to 27 months — the sentencing spelled out in state guidelines — it would be difficult or impossible for them to pay back what is owed to Ray’s owner Ray Maloney.
“The big thing is restitution,” Creitz said.
County Attorney Wade Bowie told Creitz that up to $80,000 was stolen or destroyed as the thieves broke into the safe overnight Jan. 6.
All three defendants were convicted of burglary of a non-dwelling and theft. Joseph Hull was tried as a juvenile, although the charges could be reinstated with him as an adult if he violates probation.
Each received 24 months probation.
As a term of Stevie Hull’s probation, Creitz ordered a 60-day jail sentence. He is eligible for work release, the judge said.
Creitz directed Bowie to schedule a hearing to discuss restitution with attorneys for the three defendants.

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